Do you know what your customersí value the most about your products and services, or which of your customers are at risk of leaving for a competitor?

You should. Why?

Because delivering customer value leads to customer retention and revenue growth.

Customers are lost when perceived value is low.




rel∑a∑tiv∑i∑ty  (rele-tiv-ite) n.

1.  Having pertinence or relevance; connected or related.

Business success depends on a company's ability to perform relative to the competition on the product, service and total cost priorities that customers value the most.  Business Dynamics helps you gain and maintain a competitive advantage by becoming the value leader in your industry.

We help you gain competitive advantage in performance, customer retention, sales and service:

  • By keeping customers from defecting or reducing the business they do with you because they value you more than they value your competitors
  • By showing you how to sell on the basis of added value rather than just a lower price
  • By fine-tuning your customer contact and call center operations to deliver uncompromising service while reducing costs
  • By educating you about your competitors and how they are perceived in the marketplace

In 1920 Einstein taught us that relative position is absolutely critical in understanding the true relationships between objects.  Clear-value leadership can only be achieved by companies with the will to ask their customers to define the value of the relationship.

Every relationship that you have with your customers has value, but do you view that value in the same way?  Do you know which of your customers are considering alternatives to you and thinking about defecting to your competition?  Business Dynamics can make sure that you do.  We provide a clear, unflinching appraisal of the state of the relationship between you, your customers and your competitors. 

We amplify, map and define the trajectory of your relationships by showing you the strengths and weaknesses of your organization in an ever-changing competitive environment.

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